The Proposal


Everything happens for a reason.  This statement truly holds validity when it comes to mine and Saba’s story of how we met.

In summer of last year, I decided to volunteer at AKF Partnership 10k Run.  It was a very “late in the 4th quarter” kind of play but I talked to the right person and got involved at the right time.  I showed up to Centennial Park in Atlanta on Saturday to help manage the logistics for the event which took place the next day, Sunday.

That Saturday I met and supported the super cool Social Media crew.  While Saba was not present at the event in Atlanta, the Social Media crew consisted of the bride’s best friends – Saniya and Zahra.  Luckily my position in logistics called for Saniya and I to exchange phone numbers and I immediately hit it off with them.  This random meeting ultimately led to Saniya introducing me to Saba indirectly about a week later.  “You’re perfect for each other” she told me over the phone.  Once I had heard all about Saba I did not hesitate to reach out and did so immediately. 

Saba and I had a connection right away.  She had me at “Hello SV!  This is SV!”  The very first text she sent to me.  That weekend was my 1st major Iron Man Triathlon race which I had been training for all year long.  Saba was very supportive and encouraging throughout the entire weekend while being all the way in Houston.  She was so sweet to even go as far as tracking my time via “track your Racer” as I went through my swim/bike/run course.  When I finally completed my race I smiled as I checked my phone and saw such encouraging messages from Saba.  Millions of questions later from Saba, which still continue to flow today, and our deep conversations about where we’ve been, where we are and where we want to be in the future, I knew I had found my cheerleader.

On February 10th we took a long drive to Frogtown located in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia where I asked Saba Valliani to spend the rest of forever with me.  After shooting me that cute and awkward laugh she tends to have when she finds herself in a surprising moment she said “yes”.  We became SV^2. 

Everything happens for a reason.  We ARE perfect for each other.


One non eventful night, as I was blow drying my hair nonchalantly, I get a pressing text from one of my best friends, Saniya urging me to check out a guy on Facebook. My best friends Saniya and Zahra had encountered a guy at P-Walk Atlanta that weekend whose genuine smile and muscular legs had caught their eye. Saniya thought that a sweet, caring gentleman like that would be a perfect fit for her impulsive, rebellious friend. After some speculation, I decided to give in and look up a Sunil Valji on Facebook. Instantaneously getting good vibes from his pictures, I decided to give Saniya’s instincts a go (because she’s hardly ever wrong!), and accepted Sunil’s friend request. We spent many long nights texting and getting to know each other and when we finally met, Sunil far exceeded my expectations. He was the epitome of a true gentleman, mixed with mystery and corkiness. While I was quiet and awkward, Sunil was chatty and extroverted, where he liked Sinatra, you could catch me bumpin’ to Drake, while Sunil was calm and orderly, I was knee high in chaotic living- a perfect ying to my yang.  After meeting a few times, my suspicions were confirmed- Sunil was the one for me. On December 18th 2016 at precisely 2:54 PM CST, Sunil asked my father for my hand in marriage and my father was more ecstatic than me to say YES! Our sweet love story has held steady even with the miles between us and I cannot wait to start my forever with Sunil in a few short months.

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