To Our Family

Our wedding is dedicated to our parents
who demonstrate daily that it is possible

A Letter From Sunil:
Dear Mom, Dad and Sister,

Just a few words to express how thankful I am to have you guys by my side.  Your strength, support, constructive criticism, and encouragement have made me who I am today.  I couldn’t have done it without my Valji Family Unit.  I am so proud of what we have built together, and honored to say that our Valji Family Unit is now complete with the best woman in the world by my side, Saba.  Cheers to all of the many family adventures, roadtrips, laughs and memories coming up to be made together.

Love you.

Letters From Saba:

Every girl is a daddy’s girl but you have always encouraged me to be a smart, educated, reasonable, independent and conscientious daddy’s LADY.  You strived hard to make our lives be the best even if it meant leaving your home country to give us a better education; you worked long and hard to make sure we went to the best school though times were tough, you made sure I got a Master’s because you saw all the untapped potential in me. You taught me- or tried to teach me- to be patient, financially wise, and rational; you have given me ALL the tools I needed to succeed in today’s world and for that no amount of thank you’ s will suffice.


You’re the person who always worried about me – even when there was not much to worry about. You cried when I was sad. You stayed up when I was troubled. You prayed for me when I was in hardship. You cooked me healthy meals when I tried to lose a few pounds. I love it when you steal my clothes and jewelry because I see a little of myself in you when you do that- but if I can even be half a mother as you were to me, I’d consider myself very successful. Thank you for doing a job of a mother, a friend, a confidante, a mentor, a religious educator, a teacher all simultaneously- you’re truly my superhero.


Where do I even begin with you? Everyone knows that you and I have a special bond. We can pick on each other all day but if someone else says anything about either of us, we will be off with their heads! The long night talks, putting on face masks together, making green juices, stealing your gym clothes, bringing me bubble tea during my exams, always sending me annoying memes on Instagram – those special moments will always stay with me. The distance won’t change a thing and I know you will be first one to tell me if I gain a few pounds after the shaadi 😉  


I don’t even believe the fact that we are not related by blood. You have truly done more for me than a real sister would. Apart from the fact that you pretty much put my whole wedding together, you have been loving and caring towards me from day 1 and respectful to my parents. You aspire me in every way and I hope and pray that I can assimilate in my new family like you have in ours. We all really love you and think of you as just one of us sans the Valliani appetite.


I know you can’t read this but I don’t doubt for a second that you can’t feel this. Anyone who said that a diamond is a way to a girl’s heart obviously didn’t have a dog. An all time companion, always ready to play, always needy for love, always happy to see me, always giving unconditional love, always feeling the need to protect, always eating half my food- my life and all my Instagram posts are incomplete with you. My love for you is visible and insurmountable and I hope there is never a day I come home without a wagging tail ready to submerge me in licks.

Love you.

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